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First Few Weeks

18 Nov

It has been a fantastic first few weeks.  Let me recap for you.  Our Launch was October 4th, which was an amazing service with 140 some people, a lot of energy, great music and a great talk. The next week was a total bomb! With 25 people, no energy, so-so music and a terrible talk.

Yep that about sums things up.

No wait don’t go away there’s more.  Since that second Sunday we have steadily grown.

Let’s just get one thing straight, when I say we are growing I mean several things.

  1. We are growing spiritually in Christ alone.
  2. We are growing in wisdom.
  3. We are growing in creativity.
  4. We are growing in knowledge.
  5. We are growing musically.
  6. We are growing understanding.
  7. We are growing closer as a community.
  8. We are growing in confidence.
  9. We are growing in maturity.
  10. We are growing in numbers.

I don’t know why it is but in Christian circles it isn’t “spiritual” to tell people we are growing. Everyone thinks we are talking only about counting heads. Well there is so much more to growth than that. Although, growing in numbers just means we are seeing more and more people, real humans with real hurts and desires join our family and experience the transformational power of the Holy God. And to that I say the more the merrier! So yeah it is all about the numbers and big numbers at that!

So we are growing…steadily in so many ways. This past weekend we got the great privilege of worshiping with about 70 men, women and children. What a sweet blessing that was!  Also we were able to start our fourth House Church community. This is so exciting!

So, another recap. Started with a bang, dropped off a cliff and have been steadily climbing ever since. And, hey, the beauty of this is that there’s no top to this mountain we are climbing.

Thanks for climbing with us.

Stand Strong, Live Epic!

Keith Carpenter