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31 Dec

It’s been a fantastic year at Epic Life Church!  I was sitting with my brother just yesterday in Idaho and talking about how fast things change in life.  Even when we think time is dragging on we get to the end of a year and look back with wonder on how fast everything happened.

At the beginning of 2009 Epic Life was discovering so many new things and full of dreams as we followed hard after our Father.  We only had about 25 people worshiping with us and our location was up in the air as God was beginning to show us His purposes here in Seattle and more specifically here on Aurora.

This past year has brought about many opportunities to experiment, to learn, to grow, to minister, to be humbled, to experience, to mature, etc. The growth God has brought about is so beautiful and the new friends and relationships are remarkable.

As I sit here in the Aurora Starbucks writing this and a talk for tonight’s New Year’s Eve party I am reminded of many big things that that we have to be so thankful for. Here they are in a list; if I comment on each item this blog would be a book. Here’s the top 25.

  1. Starbucks on Aurora – one of our offices. Everyone knows us here and we get to share Christ’s love here a lot.
  2. Relationships with many organizations helping the marginalized.
  3. We welcomed three ministry teams from outside of Seattle who ministered alongside us for three separate weeks.
  4. Partnering with Campus Crusade for Christ at the Shoreline Community College.
  5. Many “Street Sweeping” opportunities along Aurora.
  6. Meeting with the Aurora Merchants Association.
  7. Building a relationship with the North Seattle Police Precinct.
  8. The Block party at the Northgate property attracting 300 some neighbors.
  9. The Northgate Property gift from the Northgate Baptist Church. We now call this property the AXIS. It houses our administration and education campus, along with the Northgate Christian Academy, which we have adopted and will soon get a name change.
  10. We now have eight employees with the addition of the teachers from the school.
  11. The beginning of four House Church Communities.
  12. Hiring part-time David Vicchiollo – worship Pastor and Averi Norgard – Office Manager.
  13. A developing band that is weekly amazing.
  14. The development of the Weekend Journal – Epic’s monthly worship journal for Sunday notes and weekly reflection.
  15. The beginning of Reach - Epic’s Youth ministry.
  16. The beginning of Grow - Epic’s Children’s ministry.
  17. We were blessed with the foresight and generous gifts to have had $30,000 in the bank to advertise and prepare printed materials throughout the month of September, preparing for our “Kickoff.”
  18. Favor from the manager of the Oak Tree Cinema and Sunday meeting space for adults and children every week.
  19. The sound equipment, children’s supplies, staging, trailer, signs, banners, print, etc. and beautiful man/woman power of a core team every Sunday morning at 7:00 am to 12:30pm, without complaints as we offer this sacrifice of time to God for the opportunity to worship him.
  20. October 4th we welcomed 150 at Epic Life’s official Kickoff at the Oak Tree Cinema.
  21. October 11th we had 25 in second worship service at the theater, a remarkable difference which was fantastic now that I look back on it. God brought us down so he could build us up. And He continues to do so weekly.
  22. Baptized two new believers.
  23. The first baby born in the Epic Life family.
  24. New people join us every week! I love it!
  25. God’s development of many dreams and visions for the coming year, there’s so much coming!  I will blog on that on the other side of the decade.

Thank you Father for letting us to worship you and for considering us worthy to be used for your purposes. It has been a sweet journey throughout the most excellent of years…2009, we’ll always remember you.

2010 here we come! Epic Life get ready for the most remarkable year of your life, it’s going to be purely Epic!


Christmas Eve Service, Dec. 24th- 6:30 pm Oaktree Cinema

18 Dec

Epic Life’s first Christmas Eve service is just around the corner and we so excited about the possibilities of worshiping our Savior right here in the Aurora Corridor.  Please join us physically if you can and if not please join us in prayer for this very important night. The Savior is born!