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Feeding the Five Thousand

02 Jan

I am so looking forward to sharing this talk with Epic Life. John 6:1-15 tells a tale of Jesus feeding thousands of people on a remote hill north of the Sea of Galilee.  But it is so much more than a children’s Bible story, soon to be forgotten and thrown out as a fair tale along with Santa Claus and Mother Goose.

This speaks of Faith and our moments of Situational Impossibilities in which we have two choices.

Turn back in fear and do only what we are capable of as humanly possible or,

Turn towards Christ and see the Humanly Impossible become possible and Done.

It is only in the turning towards Christ that our faith is increased.  I hear so many Christians crying out to God, “Please Lord strengthen my faith!”  But when he brings about a Situation of Impossibility they shrink back to the humanly possible and hence their faith is not strengthen.  Not because God is not gracious enough to give it but because they are to full of fear to receive it.

It’s such a great passage!

We also have a fantastic surprise for everyone…I can’t type it here and give it away, but it has to do with seeing the little turn into abundance.  Oh I can’t wait until tomorrow!