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Some would say…

02 Nov

The Motels have gone from properties of disgrace to run down, covered in graffiti and overgrown with vegetation.

But we are still pursuing the purchase of both of them at the same time and transforming them into places of beauty where beautiful things happen. They will be quite possibly one of the greatest transformation stories the city will ever seen. But it hasn’t happened yet. We are having a hard time putting the pieces together. Some would say that if God is in something it would be easy. Really? I’m not sure that is always true. I am finding that in the pursuit of the Motels we are being introduced to many people; people whom we would never have the opportunity to interact with if the money had just fallen out of the sky into our waiting laps. Maybe it is in this pursuit for the big opportunity to be a transformational light in Seattle that we are introduced to our greatest allies, or partners, or many who may not know Jesus personally but because of this process will get to see God at work through the lives of those of us who trust him.

Maybe what lies in the hard pursuit is the Epic Story.